In the famous province of Bohol, you can find a real-life superhero that lives his daily life just like Peter Parker. The double-life individual who resides in our very own country also doesn’t only don the red and blue suit, but also carries the responsibility of being a son and brother. This is the new addition to the Spider-Verse, Ralph Edward Taray Velasco, ang Spiderman ng Bohol.

The lore of Bohol’s Spiderman, just like any other superhero story, began amidst loss and heartbreak. It’s wonderful to see how hard times can make a person so much better. In 2017, Ralph’s father passed away due to an illness, leaving behind his elderly mother. Not long after, his only remaining sibling and sister followed. After the tragic events, Ralph became the sole pillar of support his aging mother has.

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To have another source of income, Ralph decided to work at Jollibee during the day, and at night, he transforms into Bohol’s Spiderman, entertaining people and bringing joy to many. He accepts various bookings, and his heroism is definitely an open invitation to the community. For any special event or occasion, Spiderman is always one call away to make it more memorable.

Ralph, I mean Spiderman, attends birthday celebrations for children, and any gathering at all, sharing his talent and bringing smiles to everyone’s faces.

Photo from Casil A Ronald on Facebook
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Despite his struggles in life, Ralph truly found a way not to let that extend to others, and even goes a mile to make people happy. His jolly personality is a delight, so if you see him anywhere in the streets or the malls of Bohol, don’t hesitate to make a donation, or even a simple greeting. Kindness goes such a long way.

Bohol’s Spiderman himself humbly asks everyone to share his story. Not only does this tell his heartwarming journey, but it also stresses the importance of community in times of need. Any kind of support can make a substantial impact on his life, and if you’re willing to personally donate to him, you can reach Spiderman’s GCash account through the number 09533489032 (Ralph Edward Taray Velasco).

Photo from Casil A Ronald on Facebook

With great power comes with great responsibility, and with any act of kindness can you show the depths of humanity. Spread webs and hugs!

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